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How To Change Your Home Page



After opening your browser you may notice that your home page has been changed to a website that you do not visit and you may not remember changing it.  This may have happened if you have recently visited a website that displayed pop-up style questions asking if you agree to change your home page.  Often people simply click on the yes button just to get rid of the pop-up instead of clicking on the X to close it.


The installation of a new program on your computer may also change your home page.  Follow these easy instructions to set your browser's homepage to your favorite website.

Internet Explorer


  1. Click on the Tools menu, then Internet Options
  2. Type in the name of a homepage you want the browser to display when you first open it. (eg. http://www.yahoo.com/)
  3. You can also either click on "use current" which will set the current page you are on to your homepage.  Or you can click on "Use blank" which will open a blank browser window.


If you are using Internet Explorer version 7, you can set up multiple home pages by following step 2 above, hitting the enter key and entering a new website address beneath the first.  This will open all sites listed in separate tabs.


Google Chrome 



  1. On the right of the address bar, click on the tool icon.
  2. Select Options
  3. Listed there you will find home page options.  Click the "open this page" radio button and input your home page address.
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Sunday, 01 February 2009 14:00

How To Restrict Internet Access



If you are like me, you are have noticed that for some reason you need to block Internet access on a computer.  Maybe you have a child who is going to inappropriate sites or a friend who uses your computer for things you do not approve of.  In my case, a co-worker had went to a few adult sites on company computers and got a virus on two different computers.  I had to block access to adult sites but I did not want to have to purchase any software.


I found some great software that enabled me to choose exactly which sites I wanted to block.  It didn't cost anything to download or use the software.  It even took care of one other problem I had.  Employees were using our computers to check email and download songs.  They would only do this when I was not working.  With this software, I could block all Internet access when I was not working.  I was also able to block sites individually like gmail, itunes, msn if I found that they were visited frequently.


The software is called K-9 Web Protection.  You can visit their site by clicking on the link.   

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