Materials Needed


Salt, Vanish carpet cleaner, vacuum




  1. Pour salt on the carpet where the stain is.  The salt will soak up the wine.
  2. Once dry, use Vanish carpet cleaner on the area. 
  3. The salt can be vacuumed up after everything is dry.
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Tuesday, 27 November 2007 10:58

How To Make Your Carpet Last Longer



Carpet Tips: Make Your Carpet Last Longer


In this article we outline some tips to help you get more life out of your carpet.


1. Rearrange Your Furniture


It is good to move your furniture from time to time to change the traffic pattern in your house.  Your carpet is worn down faster where people walk.


2. Vacuum Regularly


Dirt helps wear down the fibers in your carpet. Vacuum regularly and place a welcome mat at your home's entrances. Also consider a "no shoes" policy.  High traffic areas can often use vacuuming once a day while low traffic areas can be vacuumed a couple of times a week.


3. Area Rugs


Depending on how your house is laid out you may have some areas that will have high traffic regardless of how your furniture is arranged. Consider area rugs in these locations.


4. Don't Let Dirt In


Keep the walk ways leading to your house clean.  This will cut down on the amount of dirt that is tracked into your house.


5. Shampoo Rugs


Shampoo rugs at least once a year.  Consult your manufacturers specifications for what type of cleaning equipment and/or detergents are appropriate for your type of carpet.


6. Spill Awareness


Treat spills quickly for the best chance of avoiding a stain.  If you have kids, make sure they know that they need to tell you about spills immediately so they do not have time to set.


7. Snip Loose Threads


To remove a loose thread that sticks up above the fibre use scissors to snip it instead of pulling on it which can pull out more than just the thread.


8. Designate Eating Areas


Many spills can introduce oils into your carpet which attract dirt and help lead to a dingy looking carpet. The less you eat in carpeted areas the better your chances are of avoiding these types of spills.


The cleaner you can keep your carpet the longer it will last.  Hopefully these tips help you get more life out of your carpet.


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Thursday, 03 April 2008 18:01

How To Clean Cat Urine Out Of Carpet



Materials Needed


Odoban, Urine Off, vacuum




  1. Follow the instructions on the urine remover that you have purchased. 
  2. Fully saturate the area to be cleaned and let it sit for thirty minutes.  (Test the cleaner on a hidden piece of carpet to make sure it does not bleach or fade).
  3. Vacuum the carpet and reapply if necessry.


                Make your own Cat Urine Remover 




If your cat is frequently urinating outside of the litter box you should make an appointment at the vet.  

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Monday, 07 April 2008 18:56

How To Remove Paint From Carpet



Removing paint from carpet can be easy or very difficult depending on the amount of time that has elapsed since the paint was spilled. 


Removing Latex Paint From Carpet


  • If you spilled a large amount of paint on the carpet, generously apply water to the carpet and use a Rug Doctor or other steam cleaning machine to suck up the water and paint.  Keep going over the carpet and applying water until the stain is gone. 


  • If there is only a small spot or stain on the carpet, try a commercial remove such as Goof Off.  Always apply the Goof Off to a towel first and try to loosen the paint from the carpet.  Pouring Goof Off or other cleaners directly on the stain may result in bleaching of the carpet.


Removing Oil Based Paint From Carpet


  • If a large amount of oil-based paint has been spilled, contact a carpet cleaning company and find out what the best course of action is.


  • If it is a small amount you can try loosening the stain by using paint thinner.  Apply the paint thinner to a cloth and use your fingers to rub the carpet back and forth with the rag. 
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