How To Remove Paint From Carpet



Removing paint from carpet can be easy or very difficult depending on the amount of time that has elapsed since the paint was spilled. 


Removing Latex Paint From Carpet


  • If you spilled a large amount of paint on the carpet, generously apply water to the carpet and use a Rug Doctor or other steam cleaning machine to suck up the water and paint.  Keep going over the carpet and applying water until the stain is gone. 


  • If there is only a small spot or stain on the carpet, try a commercial remove such as Goof Off.  Always apply the Goof Off to a towel first and try to loosen the paint from the carpet.  Pouring Goof Off or other cleaners directly on the stain may result in bleaching of the carpet.


Removing Oil Based Paint From Carpet


  • If a large amount of oil-based paint has been spilled, contact a carpet cleaning company and find out what the best course of action is.


  • If it is a small amount you can try loosening the stain by using paint thinner.  Apply the paint thinner to a cloth and use your fingers to rub the carpet back and forth with the rag. 

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