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How To Break In A Baseball Glove



Baseball gloves feel more comfortable and are easier to use when they are broken in.  While there are many reliable methods to break in baseball gloves, regular use is still the best way.  


Softening the leather

When you break in a baseball glove you are doing two things; softening the glove and creating a "pocket" to help you catch the ball easier.  To soften the leather of the glove, simply rub in any of the following items using a soft cloth.


    • Foam shaving cream (containing lanolin)
    • Mink oil
    • Other products produced by glove manufacturers


When using these products, less is more.  Use a small amount of product and work it into the leather.  Let the glove dry thoroughly.


Forming a pocket

The easiest way to form a pocket in your baseball glove is to place a ball in the glove and then close it tight and wrap shoelaces or a rubber band around it.  Place the glove under a mattress; the extra pressure will form a better pocket.