What Color Should I Paint My Room?



Question:  What color should I paint my bathroom, kitchen or bedroom?


Answer:   This is probably one of the most common painting questions.  It is impossible for one person's color opinion to work in another persons home or office.  I suggest purchasing a paint fan deck so you can look at all of the color choices in your home and in your light.  


Lighting will play a major role in picking out a color.  Do not rely on how the color looks in the paint store or hardware store.  They typically have flourescent lighting in their stores.  Your lighting will mostly be incandescent or natural daylight.  


I also suggest buying a tester color of whatever paint color you choose.  That will let you paint a portion of a wall in your home and see what it looks like in your lighting.  You can also choose to paint a few pieces of posterboard with the paint and tape them to different walls so you can see how the color changes from daytime to nighttime.

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