How To Fix Scratched CDs



CDs are coated with a plastic protective coating in order to protect them from everyday wear and tear. Sometimes minor scratches prevent the CD from being played correctly.  Use the following tips to buff out and fix minor imperfections that cause skips and interruptions.


Steps (do in this order)


  • Try the CD in another drive, you may have a bad laser reader in the CD-ROM you were using.
  • Use a soft cotton ball to clean the CD, wiping from the inside of the CD to the outside (not in a circular motion).
  • Rinse the CD with water and dry it off by patting it, do not use a sponge or paper towel as they may cause more scratches.
  • Use automotive rubbing compound to buff the CD.  This will fill in minor scratches.


Never use ammonia, thinners or other petroleum based products as they can break down the protective plastic on the CD.


There are many CD cleaning kits on the market that will also fix most minor problems. 


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