How To Change the Default Program To Open Files



Sometimes after installing a new program you will notice that during the installation it set your computer to open certain file extensions in a program that you are either unfamiliar with or simply don't want to use.  Or, my personal favorite, the program chosen will not even open the file type you clicked on.  Follow the instructions below to change the default program that your files will open with.


  1. Go to the Start menu, click on Run
  2. Type in explorer
  3. Go to the Tools menu, then Folder Options, then the File Types tab
  4. Locate the type of file you are looking for, they are alphabetized by extension
  5. Click on the extension you want to modify and click on the change button
  6. Either select the new default program from the list or click on Browse to search
  7. Click on the OK button and the default program to open your file extension will be changed

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