How To Speed Up A Computer

 All computers get slower with age because of programs that are installed, spyware and other pesky things that fragment hard drives and bog down your computer.


Try these steps in the following order to make your computer boot faster and respond more quickly to commands.


  • Download and run a registry cleaner to optimize your computer by removing errors and annoying messages.


  • Go to the start menu, click on run, type in msconfig and hit OK.  Click on the startup tab.  Remove the check mark next to any program that you do not want to load at startup.  Booting time can be slowed down when programs are opening that you no longer use, so simply remove the check mark and they will not start up after your next reboot.


  • Remove unused icons on your desktop that you no longer need displayed.  Loading icons that no longer need to be displayed uses   system resources when your computer boots.


  • Empty your recycle bin and run a disk defragment.  This will rearrange the physical location of files you use most often on your hard disk.  The defragment program will move the most frequently used files to the front of the disk and combine empty space at the end of the disk.  This will increase response time when you open programs.


  • Run an adware and spybot scan on your computer.  The most popular programs for this is Adaware and SpyBot Search & Destroy


  • Scan your system with an anti-virus program to make sure a virus isn't the reason your system is running slowly


  • Make sure you have the latest updates from whichever operating system you are using


  • Uninstall any programs that you no longer use

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