How To Restrict Internet Access



If you are like me, you are have noticed that for some reason you need to block Internet access on a computer.  Maybe you have a child who is going to inappropriate sites or a friend who uses your computer for things you do not approve of.  In my case, a co-worker had went to a few adult sites on company computers and got a virus on two different computers.  I had to block access to adult sites but I did not want to have to purchase any software.


I found some great software that enabled me to choose exactly which sites I wanted to block.  It didn't cost anything to download or use the software.  It even took care of one other problem I had.  Employees were using our computers to check email and download songs.  They would only do this when I was not working.  With this software, I could block all Internet access when I was not working.  I was also able to block sites individually like gmail, itunes, msn if I found that they were visited frequently.


The software is called K-9 Web Protection.  You can visit their site by clicking on the link.   

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