How To Pick A Domain Name



With millions of domain names already registered you probably think you will never find a name for your new website right?  It's your lucky day because choosing a domain name is not hard if you know the hints and tricks listed below.


Using free tools by both Google and Godaddy you can find a domain name in a matter of minutes.


Steps To Picking A Domain Name


1.  Use Google's Keyword Tool.  Type your keyword into the search box.  Then click on "Get Keyword Results"


Google will populate a whole list of keywords pertaining to your search term.  In the next step you are going to capture these keywords in a text file.


2.  Scroll to the bottom of the results page and click on "Add all # of results".  Then click on the link provided that says "download these as a ... file"  Chose text and download the file to your computer.


3.  Now go to  Under their Domains menu, choose Bulk Register. 


4.  Now copy and paste all of the results in your text file into the search box on Godaddy's Bulk Register page.  On the right side of the search box you can select what type of domain extension you are looking for. 


5.  Click on the search button now.  Godaddy will exclude all registered domain names from the list it creates for you.  The only thing left will be domain names that contain your keywords and are ready to be purchased by you.



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