How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets



Kitchen cabinets can get very dirty very fast.  Our hands transfer oils, cooking ingredients, grease, dirt and other contaminants to the surface of the cabinets.  While the face of all the cabinet doors and drawers should be cleaned, pay close attention to the area around knobs and drawer pulls as this is where grease buildup is highest. 


How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets


  1. Mix a solution of TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) mixed with water.  You can use either the liquid concentrate version of TSP or the powdered version.  Mix according to the directions on the product.
  2. Once mixed, submerge a cellulose sponge in the solution and start wiping down the cabinets.
  3. Make sure to get in the hard to reach areas with smaller sponges or simply by using your fingers to apply the cleaning solution.
  4. Once the cabinets have been washed, rinse them down with water.

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