How To Unfreeze Car Door Locks





  • Squirt a deicer into the door locks.  Make sure to insert the nozzle in far enough to move the protected metal flap
  • Soak a towel in hot water and hold it on the door lock for a few minutes.  As soon as the towel gets cold repeat until the ice has melted
  • Tap around the door lock with the plastic end of a key, this will break up the ice if it is built up over the lock (be careful not to scratch your car)
  • Try to get in another door, that lock may not have frozen
  • Warm your key up with a lighter or a match, the heat should be enough to melt the ice
  • Use a blow-dryer to warm up the locks
  • If your car has back seats that fold down, you may be able to open your trunk and fold the seats down, then simply crawl to the drivers seat
  • Pour warm water into an empty container and pour the warm water onto the door lock, this will let you get into your car this time, but that water will freeze again if the car is left outside in freezing temperatures.  Have an alternative plan if you use this technique.



Always keep your deicer or lighter in your coat pocket.  Some people leave them in their car thinking that they will have it the next time they need it.  It can't help you very much when you cant get in your car to get it. 


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