How To Increase Gas Mileage



With fuel prices on the rise and expected to get more and more expensive, many people are looking for ways to increase their gas mileage.  Here are some suggestions to help cut costs at the pump.


  1. Keep your tires properly inflated.  Under-inflated tires will cause more drag and reduce gas mileage.  Over-inflated tires will wear faster.
  2. Remove unneeded items from your car (golf clubs, suitcases, clothes).
  3. Use your cruise control whenever possible on the highway. 
  4. Use your air conditioning sparingly.  The air compressor causes your engine to consume more gas. 
  5. Keep your car well maintained.  Having dirty oil or a clogged air filter will reduce the efficiency of your vehicle.
  6. Rather than open your windows, use your air conditioning.  Having your windows down creates drag.  Even though your air conditioning uses more gas it is still more efficient than having your windows down.
  7. Combine your trips and errands.
  8. Avoid idling.  If you know you will be stopped at a bank or carwash for more than a few minutes, shut your car off.
  9. Most vehicles get the best gas mileage when driven between 50 and 60 miles per hour on the highway. 
  10. Use the manufacturer's suggested oil.  This can show an increase in mileage of 2-3%.
  11. If at all possible, carpool with neighbors, friends or relatives when traveling to the same destination.
  12. If you know you will be stopping at a light or stop sign and there are no cars behind you, you can shift your car into neutral, which will allow the vehicle to coast to your desintation.  This typically uses less RPM's, as your engine is no longer having to push or pull the car.  If your car has a tachometer, make sure that shifting into neutral does infact use less RPM as you can save gas money.

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