How To Remove A Dealer Decal Or Bumper Sticker



So you just bought a car and realized that you don't agree with the bumper sticker that the past owner applied.  Or maybe you just want to remove the vinyl dealer decal that was placed on your car when it was first sold.  Removing decals is easy as long as you follow the steps listed below.


Items needed


Hair dryer 

WD-40 or Goof Off


Rubbing alcohol

100% cotton cloth (anything else may scratch the paint surface)




  1. Spray the decal or sticker with WD-40 or Goof Off, they will both soften the adhesive and the sticker may slide off
  2. If this does not work, use a blow dryer to heat the sticker which will also soften the adhesive
  3. If the sticker is still stuck on, try peeling up one edge of the sticker and slide a piece of floss behind it, use a seesaw motion going back and forth until you have went all the way behind the sticker.  This will further loosen the adhesive
  4. Once the sticker is off, dampen a cloth with rubbing alcohol to remove the rest of the residue.  If rubbing alcohol does not work, use Goof Off to remove the adhesive
  5. Apply a coat of car wax to the area where you removed the sticker, the use of WD-40 and Goof Off can remove any protective coat that may have been on your cars paint surface

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